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Agustín Ibáñez

Beyond variability: Unveiling brain connectivity alterations in,frontotemporal dementia, International Journal Of Psychophysiology

Agustín Ibáñez

Do you have a strategy? Multimodal brain signatures of social bargaining,in neurodegeneration and frontal stroke, International Journal Of Psychophysiology

Agustín Ibáñez

Aberrant moral judgment in extremist terrorists, International Journal Of Psychophysiology

David Huepe

Rhythm on Your Lips, Frontiers in Psyshology

Sergio Chaigneau

Why the designer’s intended function is central for proper function,assignment and artifact conceptualization: Essentialist and normative,accounts. Developmental Review

Agustín Ibáñez

Processing Time Reduction: An Application in Living Human High-Resolution Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data, Journal of Medical Systems, 40,

David Huepe - Agustín Ibáñez

The Overt Pronoun Constraint Across Three Dialects of Spanish, Journal of psycholinguistic research, 45, 979-1000

David Huepe - David Martínez-Pernía

Enactive approach and dual-tasks for the treatment of severe behavioural and cognitive impairment in a person with acquired brain injury: A case study., Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1-8

David Huepe - Agustín Ibáñez

Feeling, learning from and being aware of inner states: interoceptive dimensions in neurodegeneration and stroke, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 371, 1-10

Agustín Ibáñez - David Huepe

Your perspective and my benefit: multiple lesion models of self-other integration strategies during social bargaining, Brain, 139, 3022-3040

Agustín Ibáñez

Hands typing what hands do: Action-semantic integration dynamics throughout written verb production., Cognition, 149, 56-66

Agustín Ibáñez

Integration of intention and outcome for moral judgment in frontotemporal dementia: Brain structural signatures., Neurodegenerative Diseases, 16, 206-217

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